hobb holzveredlung Bad Bentheim was founded in 1993 and specialises in finishing raw veneers, high-quality fixed sizes and cutting fixed-size wood-based boards and coating boards.

Within a production area of 15,000m², more than 800,000m² raw veneer are processed every month, with approx. 700 order items in small and large quantities leaving our production site every day.


Foundation of the company "hobb Holzveredlung GmbH & Co. KG “ in December as a 100% subsidiary of hülsta GmbH & Co. KG

Hermann Kölker appointed as Managing Director of the company


From January to September - implementation of the first construction phase (5,760m²)

In October, 16 employees start the serial production of fixed-size veneers


From March to November - Implementation of the second construction phase including expansion of the production site by 2,304m²

From December onwards, increase in the scope of production by made-to-order fixed veneer sizes

100 employees


Mr. Georg H. Hüls takes over the Management from Mr. Hermann Kölker


Investing into a first Crossmaster-cross splicer made by Fisher-Rückle

A further Crossmaster is bought in 2004


Mr. Franz Nitsche takes over the Management from Mr. Georg H. Hüls

From January to November, restructuring of internal material flow


From January, increase in the scope of production by fixed-size solid woods.

From October 2007 to May 2008 - implementation of the third construction phase including an expansion of the production site by 6,912m²


Increase in the scope of production by cutting and coating of wood-based boards

Investing into a Schelling panel-division saw and a Bürkle press

135 employees


Development of a fully automatic logistics buffer to ensure further automation of transport within the plant


Investing into the first robot at hobb

- Robot loading of dovetail assembly machines


Investing into the second robot at hobb

- Robot stacking on a veneer press